"How To Legally Steal A Secret
Marketing Weapon That Has 
Pulled In Over $3,197,175 
Till Date ..."

After 24 months of rigorous testing and fine-tuning one ninja online network marketer, in one crazy move, decides to open his marketing treasure chest and release one of his secret weapons to a lucky few ... Will you grab your copy in time?

I'd like to begin by making you a HUGE promise: If you could just get your hands on this SECRET weapon that I'm about to introduce you to, then you'll have the key to open any money vault and take as much money as you like ... and live your life to the fullest, just as you always dream about. 

Now that's no easy promise to deliver on, but if you'll invest the next 5 minutes and read every word of this letter and take advantage of the opportunity I'm placing before you, I may just turn out to be your hero--at least for today.


Let Me Fill You In ... 

Perhaps this is the first time you've heard of me, if so, my name is Ankur Agarwal .  After graduating from college I joined the corporate workforce as a software engineer for a company in Noida , India.  Looking for a way out of the rat race, I spent several thousand dollars attending seminars and buying a ton of ebooks online. 

I soon came to understand the power of internet marketing when coupled with network marketing and have since made hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars online. 

I've recruited over 3,000 reps till date frontline WITHOUT picking up the phone and I've shared the stage with network marketing superstars as thrilled audiences hold on to my every word.  You see, many of these "traditional" network marketers never thought the internet could be used to generate such huge downlines. 

That's me with my students teaching a seminar on internet network marketing in London , U.K earlier last year

This is me with My Students And Teammates in India after a company Convention event .

With My Teammates And Students In Dubai  After Company Launch Event.

Those who know me call me 'The Online Recruiting Jedi ' because of my unorthodox methods of growing successful network marketing organizations.  

It has been an exciting ride from quitting my job to being able to buy the sports car of my choice for cash, and without breaking my bank account.  And I'm not even 30 years as yet.  The bottom line is that the money I make in just one month is more than what I use to earn in a whole year. 

Me With My Audi Spots Car - Oh Man , I Just Love This Baby :)

And I don't say all those things to boast but to give you an idea of the power of the tools I'm about to share with you.  So if you want to give yourself an instant fat pay raise, continue reading ... 


How I Made Over $3,197,175 In Last Few Years !  

Just a brief look at my business income shows that a large part of my financial success comes from the power of writing emails that get huge responses. 

Perhaps you're familiar with email marketing and you may have even ran a newsletter ... or loaded a few messages in your autoresponder and seen the cash flow in.  Although email marketing is such a powerful marketing tool only a few online marketers make a major part of their income through email promotions. 


Because it takes a lot of time and effort to send out effective emails without repeating yourself over and over again.  It's the whole issue of content.  You don't have enough content to share and so you hesitate to send frequent emails. 

Now, before I go any further let me just clear up one very popular myth.  There are many online marketers who think if you email your list too often, then people will unsubscribe.  To tell you the truth, I don't mind people believing this myth because this means more money in my pocket.  But let me tell you right up front that this idea is completely unfounded. 

If people on your list unsubscribe because you write them too often they'll not buy from you in the first place, so consider their unsubscribing auto list cleaning.  

FREE SECRET TIP:  The most successful email marketers send multiple emails per week and sometimes per day!  One such online company generates over $200 MILLION per year in sales selling subscriptions by email. 

You don't have to be marketing online for a long time to hear the saying, "The money is in the list".  But that's only partly true.  There are lot of marketers with big lists and they don't make any money because they don't know how to write effective emails-- they don't know how to work the list. 

Now I could go on to tell you about the results of effective email marketing but I thought I'll show you the proof instead ... 

These are the current stats of my Autoresponder account with over 173,043 Active subscribers and till date I have easily generated over 300,000+ leads !

This is what my email open rate looks like - as I said money is in the relationship u build with the list and hence email open rates are important.


And Here are some of my income and reward proof's so just to show you I walk my talk !


Considering that the median annual American income is $46,326 that's not bad for few hours of daily work !  But it's NOT as simple as it appears, and there's no way I want to fool you into thinking I woke up one morning finding myself banking that kind of cash.


In fact, it took years of trial and error and every month wasn't at first looking so financially healthy.  I've already mentioned that I've invested several thousand dollars in various seminars and courses, learning a little from here and another secret there before I could create my own winning email writing formula. 

The point is that I don't want to give you the idea that I ran into some "secret" by mere accident and--poof!--just started making tens of thousands of dollars per month by sending emails to my list. I wish it were that easy, but truth be told, it's not. 

In fact, let me share with you a little of ...


My Path To Virtually Printing Money
... At The Click Of A Button

I'll be the first to admit I'm not a marketing genius.  Far from it--well maybe not tha-a-a-at far, but you'll get my point shortly.   

I've spent countless hours learning from the gurus and attending seminars where I listened to the best and the greatest in online and internet marketing. What I came quickly to notice was that no one marketer had the complete formula. 

What I had to do was create my very own system of promoting any network marketing business using only the internet and the power of email marketing.  (Some people will tell you that it can't be done but I've proved them all wrong!)   

Anyway back to the point at hand ... So I set out to build my list and started spending hours per day creating emails, sending them to my list and tracking every response from those emails. 

When I found a strategy that worked then I tried to improve on this with the next email and so forth. I tested different subject lines, openings, long and short emails and just about every email metric you can think about. 

Surprisingly, some of the emails I thought would bring a high response did poorly and some emails I wrote on the fly brought some incredible results. I then studied those emails and filtered out the less responsive ones. 

Now I kept a record of all the emails I sent and was able to select the most responsive ones. In these emails I shared strategies, wealth building tips, network marketing secrets and, of course, made offers that brought in thousands of dollars per day. 

Frankly, I've felt guilty about how easy I make money when I see others struggling to make ends meet.  Now I literally wake up in the morning, send an email and just wait for the orders or sign-ups to come in.   

(Now if this sounds like hype to you, just understand that I once felt the same way you do until I started experiencing it for myself.  So I don't take your skepticism personally.) 

And I've already showed you enough proof that my system works. 


What Email Marketing Can Do For
Your Network Marketing Business

Compared to offline direct marketing, internet marketers and online network marketers are spoilt brats.   

Just think about it for a minute: In the 'old days' of sending post cards through the mail and hoping that a few people would call an 800-number and you'll get a few signups.  Network marketers had to spend thousands of dollars to generate leads and if they wanted to send a second message they'd have to dig deep in their pockets to pay for paper, printing and postage all over again. 

With the advent of the internet, there were no printing and postage fees and you could send thousands of emails virtually free.  Now this is not the same a SPAM because we are talking here about permission-based email marketing. 

As an online network marketer you can use emails to: 

  • Build long-lasting relationship with your subscribers and so improve your chances to create new business and get new customers

  • Position yourself as an expert by providing valuable business-building information that your prospects can benefit from

  • Educate your subscribers on how to build their own downlines and so really leverage your marketing muscles.

  • Filter "tire-kickers" from the real serious prospects so you don't waste your time talking to people who are not going to join your opportunity anyway

  • Create a constant flow of cash into your bank account to invest in other areas of your business 

The bottom line is that when done right email marketing can have an explosive effect on your business.  

With all of these incredible benefits it's a big surprise that most network marketers simply ignore email marketing altogether.  But I must confess that I don't expect every network marketer to be as crazy about testing and writing emails as I am.   

My productivity might even scare you, because over the past few years alone I wrote …


... Over 3067 Emails! 

Those same emails have generated over $3,197,145 and recruited 3000 people into my online network marketing businesses .  

Now from those 3067 emails I've painstakingly selected the most responsive and effective emails based on subject line and email content.  After I applied my own rigorous test only 150 emails remained. 

If you take a few minutes to study these emails, subject line and all, you'll get an instant lesson in how to write effective emails--emails that get opened and pull in the most profit. 

But even easier than studying these emails you can now ... 


Legally 'Steal' My Profit-Pulling Email Swipe File


That's not a misprint.  I've decided to make my profit-pulling email swipe file available to a limited number of serious online network marketers.  Yes, the EXACT emails I used to rake in over $3 + million in last few years.

These emails will have you elevated to the position where you have prospects begging to join your business and lining up in droves just to get in your downline.  Imagine the empowerment this will bring to your network marketing business and without you having to write a single word! 

That's right!  

This is literally your opportunity to copy and paste my best emails, five months worth of them, into your auto responder and use them as if you wrote them personally.  You'll find yourself attracting, developing a relationship with, and recruiting the most highly motivated network marketers from around the world without lifting a finger. 

I'm literally handing you my key to success to use in any way that you so choose in your email marketing efforts. Most people will think I'm crazy to give away such a prized set of emails but I believe the more people you help the more "luck" comes back your way. 

These emails are written so you can easily adapt them to any network marketing business that you're involved with.  Just fill in your name and information and you are set to go. 



These Are NOT Your Run of The Mill Emails 

Let me be blunt. I've written some 3067 emails in the past year. Some worked and some didn't. You are ONLY receiving the top performing of the bunch.  

I've tracked everything along the way and because of this you're only getting the emails with the best headlines that produced the highest click through rates in my own campaigns without any of the guesswork I had to go through. 

This is literally a hidden shortcut to email marketing success.  A series of emails battle tested and results based that will produce profit-boosting growth in your business because they've already done so for me. 

And because your prospects will never know you didn't write these yourself you don't lose the credibility and power they bring to you as a business owner.  

Here Are Some Examples Of The Unsolicited Emails I Get From My Subscribers ... (Names Withheld)

"You are such a blessing to me with all your articles. I have learnt so much from you being an internet newbie."

"Ankur , I really appreciate the information in your newsletter. The tips and advice are relevant to today's 'internet' entrepreneurs. That's why I'm still a subscriber."

"I am very glad when I open my email to read your newsletter and believe me it makes my day. I encourage you to continue what you are doing for people and God will reward you one day.".com

"i would really want to thank you Ankur as u was continually sending me those newsletters and never stopped . I want to say sorry as i never supported you with my feedback. i've learnt a lot from your newsletters and i hope that u continue sending them . thanking you for your continuous efforts"

"You have shared a vey good knowledge, esp. for people who don't understand about internet marketing and network marketing. I have registered into your membership, in fact advanced membership, and was amazed to find that you have complied and shared with us some of the most comprehensive resources and guides to network marketing and internet marketing. I have bought and seen some e-books but your coverage would definitely be far more than enough and extensive than so many others combined. Great job... Glad to
be learning so much from you..."

"I think your newsletter is tops always something new and exciting to learn you really care about the little guy just starting out as well as the veterans, those just getting into the game now have a level playing field and will succeed without dought you are totally professional and a pioneer thanks so much!"

"Dear Ankur , Your newsletter is one of the few I read, always. You have so much knowledge and enthusiasm! I learn and am inspired by you-!"

"The information and content of your newletter is always unique and insightful. I have no reservations in recommending this to anyone looking to build their network marketing business online as a 'must have'. "

"Hi Ankur , Just liked to say thanks for all your great content and tips. You can tell you 'walk the talk' where others just tell people what they think they want to hear. Thanks again.....you obviously believe in the law...the more you give the more you get. Cheers."

"I have been working on the internet for 3 months now and this is one of the best resources I have seen. Thanks for the newsletter."

"Hi Ankur , I personally feel that the way you explain things to me is very clear cut, straight forward type. Certain things that I do not know, you even take time to explain it to me. I can say that you can be a Good Mentor or a Good Master. If I can really meet up with you One day, I surely Learn things from you. Thanks for everything. To The Top."

I really enjoy your newsletter and have bookmarked the site you reccomend for upfront sales and backside MLM. You are the only newsletter I read. I like the idea of never calling a lead! Keep it coming!"



You Can't Get This Anywhere Else!

There is literally no one in the world with as many profit pulling emails for network marketers as me, it's just a fact. This is a very exclusive offer and one which you wouldn't find anywhere else at any price because it just doesn't exist.  

Now you're getting access to all the knowledge and experience that went into creating these emails without having to write a single word. 

Every book I've read, every personal development tape I've listen to, and every single seminar and high ticket course I've experienced is infused into these emails. Just imagine for a minute the expert status that this exclusive email collection will create for you in the eyes of your prospects.  

When you talk they'll listen to you as their expert, and all you did was load up an auto responder! 

WARNING: There are some criteria that you must accept if you want to take advantage of this exclusive offer . . .  

Because of the LIMITED nature of this offer and the fact that I'm giving you exclusive access to my best marketing emails there'll be NO REFUNDS .  Once you get exclusive access ,no returns or refunds will be given.   (This is pretty standard policy for any kind of software package you order from, say, Amazon.com anyway.) 

Finally, you can only use these emails in an email capacity. These emails may not be used as blog posts or articles to distribute around the internet because I have to ensure that these emails remain exclusive to you and only you. 

If all that makes sense to you and you're willing to abide by these very simple rules I'll be more than happy to give you access to the Dot Com Decoded Email Training Academy - Complete Email Swipe File to  . . .


Profit As You Please! 

You can use the emails as is, you can change them to reflect you and the state of your business.  You can load up your auto responder then just focus on traffic generation, or you can manually send them out one day at a time like I do. 

You can infuse your experiences and personality into each email without having to start from scratch. It doesn't matter once you have them they are yours to use as you like

Each of your leads can literally be magnetically attracted to you without them even knowing why or how it's happening because the focus will be on you building a relationship with them instead of the hype, hype, hype, everyone else uses.              


How Much Is The Dot Com Decoded MLM Email Swipe File Worth? 

I've thought long and hard on this, and to be honest, when you consider that one email can potentially bring in tens of thousands of dollars or 50 or more people into your business with the simple push of a button it's sort of hard to put a value on something as powerful as that. 

I know for a fact that there is literally nothing like this on the market because I've looked. 

When I think about the knowledge that went into tailoring these emails, from all the marketing material read and integrated, to the network marketing knowledge and experience I've personally infused into these emails, and finally all of the wealth philosophy I've personally studied and put into what I write ... these emails have a real world value of some $347K+ value, because that's literally how much they've earned

Now I know that if I ask my copywriter to write an autoresponder series with just 10 follow-up messages, I'll have to dish out at least $2,500 for those email messages.  So you're looking at $250 per email message. 

But I'm aware that even though that's a fair price a lot of people just don't have that kind of money.  So I decided to use another gauge instead. 

You can get a decent 400 word article written for about $5 these days. (And an article is much easier to cook up than writing a persuasive email.)  So $5 per email (though ridiculously low) will bring this package to a total of ($5 X 150) $750.  

This is a more reachable price ... but I know even though these emails can potentially make you a hundred times that amount, some people will still whine about that price. 

So that's why I decided to let you have all my profit-generating emails for less than $1.00 each!  Crazy, I know but you'll get access to this entire winning email package for just $97. 

If you're a savvy marketer the opportunities this offer opens up should be flooding your mind right about now.  

If this opportunity is right for your network marketing business, and you'll know if it is, and you want to literally have the world's top internet network marketing emails at your disposal, recruiting and creating income for you on autopilot, even without you having to write a single word, take action now before this offer is no longer available.   



YES, Ankur , count me in the exclusive 100 group who get to use your powerful, profit-pulling email series package. 

I understand further that ...

  1. I can use these emails and even change them to suit my needs but cannot use them outside of a email function such as on my blog are as articles
  2. I'll receive these emails in a downloadable zip file which will be immediately available for download once my payment is through and cannot share these with anyone else
  3. There are no refunds on this as once I have this ,these emails are with me forever as they are delivered to me digitally ,  so I should pass up this incredible offer if I'm not 100% certain this is for me
  4. The total package is mines for a one-time investment of $97--that's less than $1.00 per email!


Once you reserve your Dot Com Decoded Email Swipe File they will be instantly delivered to you in zip file ready to be downloaded . 

You know, there is one trait that separates the poor from the rich and it's that rich people take action instead of just dream about a better life.

Are you ready to take action or just keep on dreaming?

Take ACTION now!

To The Top!

Ankur Agarwal
“The Online Recruiting Jedi ” 

P.S. Remember, you get the EXACT emails I've used to generate well over $3,197,145 in the last few years and recruit over 3000 people in to my business and growing a total organization of over 100,000 + people without picking up the phone! With such limited copies available these won't last long. Secure yours now!

Legal Disclaimer: Of course I cannot promise or guarantee that you will make any certain amount of money or recruit any certain amount of prospects into your business and of course results will vary, and every effort has been made to accurately convey the products and services offered here, but based on my personal results using these emails there is more than a good chance that you will be very happy.

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